Specialized Mortgages

Specialized mortgages can be a great option for customers who want to get a mortgage that is tailored specifically to their needs.

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As a real estate investor, you can dodge high rates and high points of private loans, lengthy approval processes, and stringent lending criteria with a debt service coverage ratio loan.
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If your income or credit history falls outside the strict guidelines set by traditional mortgage loan programs, a non-QM loan may be worth considering.
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Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is a loan a homeowner aged 62+ with home equity can borrow against the home's value and receive funds for daily expenses.
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1099 Mortgage

1099 Mortgage loans allow you to ensure a mortgage without the documentation you usually use to verify your income, such as W-2s and tax returns. Instead, workers qualify based upon the the 1-2 years of 1099's.
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An asset-based mortgage produces an ‘income stream’ from your assets by depleting them over the mortgage term. It’s how you qualify despite not having a traditional income.
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ESCROW Holdback

An escrow holdback is an act of collecting additional funds at closing that will be refunded after required repairs have been made to the purchased property.
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ITIN Mortgage

Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) loans are for borrowers who do not have Social Security numbers. Borrowers with ITIN cards can qualify for a mortgage if they meet the eligibility requirements.
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Bank Statement

A bank statement loan is often an excellent option for qualified self-employed borrowers. However, self-employed borrowers must choose the best loan product to help fulfill their mortgage needs.
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